Heartbreak and Cellotape

So time to give you a little insight into my life, I broke up with my boyfriend just before Christmas and if I am totally honest, I’m not over him whatsoever we were only dating a year (I know it’s not that long) but I’ve never felt they way I felt about him before, I was with my ex before him for nearly four years and the feelings do not come close! My heart was most definitely broken into a million pieces and I’m trying to stick them all back together!

Gosh I must sound like a broken record to most of you! The cliche heartbreak followed by the cliche ‘how to get over it’ methods, well yes. This is one of the posts, but at the same time it isn’t, I’m still trying to figure out how to get over him! So this is kind of my guide to attempting to get over a break up, it’s slowly helped me, so maybe it would slowly help you?

1. It’s ok to have a rebound – yes I had one, not my brightest or proudest move, but it gave me a confidence boost, it made me remember that I’m not going to be alone forever and someone can still care about me when I was running around telling everyone I was going to be alone forever and no one would ever love me again!

(we were sort of a rebound on each other so it didn’t get too messy when we both realised)

2. Join the gym and lift! – a cliche ‘go to the gym and show him what he’s missing’ NO! Go to the gym for yourself, I’ve never had a bad body, standard slim figure, but after my breakup I didn’t know what to do with my spare time, I would just sit at home and reminisce on old memories which isn’t good to get over someone!! So I joined a gym and lifted weights! No ladies you will not look like a body builder you will be fit with a perfect bum! Which is deep down all women truly want isn’t it? Exercise is an anti depressant, and when you start to see your body change for the good it’s an addiction! Plus the comments I get on my new improve squat bum is fab!

3. Rediscover a passion – we all get too tied up in relationships and forget the things we used to do, for me it was reading. Before the world of men, I was never without a book in my hand which slowly died away as I delved deeper and deeper into the cocoon of my relationship. Since being placed firmly back on the shelve I have once again been embraced by all the books I left on said shelf and greeted like an old friend!

4. Change something about yourself – it doesn’t need to be a major ‘cut all your hair off and move to Tibet’ just something silly and small, I changed my foundation and liquid eyeliner, sounds weird doesn’t it, but it made me feel good about myself. New makeup makes every girl feel good about herself right?! When I felt like just lying in my bed all day feeling miserable for myself, my new Bobbi Brown foundation and eyeliner enticed me out of my pit and back into the land of the living with a fresh face!

5. Finally do something out of your comfort zone – again, doesn’t have to be wild, for me it was signing myself up for a half marathon (for me a massive deal!) I do not run. Not one bit. But again, I was an emotional wreck and was feeling mildly reckless! And I do not regret my decision, I’ve been training and I’ve really started enjoying it!

So there you have it, my tips on trying to get over a breakup, no they’re not the answers and obviously everyone deals with this kind of thing differently. But at times like this us girls have to stick together and maybe they could work for you too.

– JJ

A Day In The Life Of A Fashion Intern

I hate it when people ask about my day – you know the type of people who say it in passing, to make small talk or to just be polite, they don’t really care about your day. So you use the ‘insert standard phase here’ words. ‘Same as always’ ‘Not to bad’ ‘It was alight’. Ironically, I am guilty of being both of these people, the people who ask about your day (but doesn’t really care) and the person who just replies to shut the first person up. But today when people asked about my day it was an entirely different story, today was not what I expected at all, full of sadness and comical value and many many lessons learnt.

So sit back and enjoy a day in the life of a fashion intern.

I received a message late on friday night asking if I wanted to work for a (really really) well known fashion magazine! I jumped at the opportunity as many young fashion students would. I didn’t ask questions, I just did as I was told, turn up at 11. Don’t be late. I was greeted by my ‘boss’ who barely said two words to me before ushering me out of the door with an oversized red suitcase full of garments and a list of address located all over London. Returns. I was to dash around London with a bright red suitcase (which was nearly the size of my bedroom, no exaggeration) and return all the clothes within said suitcase to their original homes and designers that had been used in shoots all week. Not the most glamours job, but as a fashion intern what do you expect! I never imagined it to be a challenge to me though. I pride myself in my London knowledge, the underground is second nature to me. Oh how wrong I was.

The first couple of stops were simple enough, the weather was beautiful and I love London so I was happy enough to sit on the number 55 bus with my book and whittle away the late morning. My mood was somewhat dampened (excuse the pun) by the sudden change in weather in the early afternoon. Battling my way through Regents Street with my battering ram of a suitcase the heavens decided to open and enter me in a spontaneous wet t-shirt competition. Cold, wet and weighed down even further with a gallon of water in either of my converse, I carried on with the task in hand.

My next by this point I was trundling through Kings Cross Station. Possibly the busiest station in the whole of London! Which I took it upon myself to create a new game which involved seeing how many oblivious commuter toes I could run over as they barged their way past me. I think I scored I pretty good score in this new game. (I’m waiting for it to catch on) I hoped on and off the multicoloured tube lines and onto many different buses, all of which assumed were going the correct way. Well, according to my phone I was meant to get the 245 from the left side of the road. Which I did, my phone was telling me I was to be on this bus for half an hour, so I buried my head into my book, after around 20 minutes I decided to check my phone to see where I was to go after I happily hoped off the bus in 10 or so minutes. Well according to my phone I was in Wood Green, not West London, where I was supposed to be heading.

An hour or so later, I was wondering yet again around another infamous part of London, when the cliche thing happened. I thing I always joke about AND IT HAPPENED!  A bus driving past me covering me head to toe in dirty london rain water. It was a choice between laughing and crying at this point. But I chose to laugh as I think I would have given up and gone home if I cried. This thank goodness was the final return before I could dragged my soggy body back to the office. I think I must have earned a few bonus points to soldiering through which they rewarded by giving me an endless supply of tea and a new outfit from ‘the closet’. The closet was every fashion persons dream! I was surrounded by Westwood skirts and Prada tops! A dream come true! I decided not to be greedy and settle on a beautifully simple Burberry day dress (AHHH!!!) This most definitely made up for my terrible day so far! I spent the rest of the evening sorting out the returns for next week into bags (in the dry) before I was packed off home towards a bath and a nice cup of tea in my now dry clothes and slightly improved mood!

That was my first day as a fashion intern, and Im really hoping the rest of my interning days will not follow suit! It gets better, doesn’t it?

– JJ

Friday Night Pampering!

So here I am – Friday night, home alone watching Coronation Street. The epitome of cool I know! So I decided to treat myself to a home made face mask and foot spa! Two quick and simple homemake recipes to leave you feeling glowing and refreshed!

Egg and lemon face mask – perfect for dry skin that needs a healthy pick me up! 

And it’s so simple! One egg (chilled in the fridge for a bit before hand if possible) and a few drops of lemon juice.

Beat the egg and add the lemon juice and there you have it! A simple yet super effective face mask! Be aware when applying, it is very drippy when applying, I used a pastry brush (was the only thing I could find!) and so much easier than fingers! Leave it on for half a hour then simple wash off with warm water. I finished off by adding my chosen moisturiser (Bobbi browns face hydrating cream is my one and only! Expensive but so worth it for dry skin!) and there you have it! Happy healthy and (slightly cliche I know) glowing skin!

My second trick is a vinegar and Listerine foot spa! Sounds weird I know it works wonders! 

Here comes the science behind it! Listerine contains ingredients that kill bacteria and fungi, while Vinegar is an type of a is that in a high concentration can cause eroding. (Obviously you don’t want to erode your feet!) but in low concentrations it can work to soften the skin and make it easier to exfoliate!

So now you know how it works, this is what you need to do – 1 part listerine, 1 part vinegar 2 part warm water.

The rest is simple, soak your feet for 15-20 minutes, I use a pumice stone too just to help remove all dead skin. Then simply dry, moisturise and add a nice pastel nail polish!

You there you have it, two simple homemade recipes, enjoy!

– JJ

Delicious guilt free breakfast


Breakfast is my favourite meal, and yes it is the most important meal of the day (I apologise for sounding like a broken record) but skipping breakfast or having a bad breakfast is one of the worst things you can do! Your body needs breakfast to give you energy to last the day, if you don’t feed your mind and body your concentration levels will drop and you will began to crave all the bad foods, its almost as though your body goes into survival mode!

My favourite breakfast meal on the days there I have a bit more time to enjoy this little luxury is Poached eggs and avocado toast. I could eat eggs all day long, they’re an amazing source of protein, omega-3 fatty acids and calcium which are essential for maintaining good physical health. They also provide you with all the required amino acids, which help in increasing stamina, are rich in vitamin A (strong hair and good eyesight) Vitamin D (healthy bones and good immunity system) and Vitamin B12(prevent the occurrence of breast cancer and enhances brain functions) Do you see why I love eggs so much?

I love my poached eggs really runny in the middle so while I wait for the water to boil I toast one slice of gluten free bread and scoop out half an avocado. Once Ive prepared that I steam a handful of asparagus or cherry tomatoes in the microwave for 2 minutes and poach my egg for the same time. So simple and quick to make, there is never an excuse for a bad breakfast!

I also usually make a protein fruit smoothie for breakfast. I feel if I have a healthy sugar fix early on in the day I won’t crave it as the day goes on! My fav is mixed berries and banana! 200ml of light soy milk, one banana, a handful of mixed berries (fresh or frozen) and a scoop of MyProtien chocolate protein powder.

– JJ